Li ONE, the only model from Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker (NASDAQ: LI), received the highest rating in the latest China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) on February 8, 2021.

The Li ONE received a five-star rating in the C-NCAP test with an overall score of 92.2%. The car scored 94.73% for occupant protection, 72.89% for pedestrian protection, and 100% for active safety.

Li ONE also became the only new energy mid-size SUV in China to obtain the best scores in C-NCAP, China Insurance Automotive Safety Index (C-IASI), and China Automotive Health Index (C-AHI).

The C-NCAP Occupant Protection Program includes four sub-categories. The Li ONE, a mid-size SUV positioned as a family vehicle, scored 91.24% in the full-frontal crash test, 92.49% in the frontal 40% crash test, 100% in the side crash test and 91.4% in the whiplash test.

The Pedestrian Protection Program evaluates the injury to pedestrians in the event of a crash, and the Li ONE scored 72.89%.

The C-NCAP is an automotive safety test that is organized by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center which evaluates a vehicle model's crash protection quality by using a star rating system.

The program was conducted as part of China's promotion of road safety.

In the crash test report released by the China Insurance Research Institute of Automobile Technology (CIRI) at the end of last month, Li ONE scored a G in occupant safety evaluation, pedestrian safety evaluation, and vehicle assistance safety evaluation, which is also the highest score in the organization's evaluation.

In the crashworthiness and economy of maintenance index, the Li ONE scored an M, two notches below the G.

CIRI was initially established by the Insurance Association of China in March 2015 and holds the position of the only "not for profit" insurers funded organization in China. CIRI's duty and responsibility are to serve the CIRI's duty and responsibility are to serve the insurance industry and the social affairs, according to its website.

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